The Client Experience

You walk a high road. The questions you seek to answer on behalf of your family are not ordinary. Potential abounds. Opportunities appear endless. But today is more complex than yesterday, and all paths forward are not equal.

Welcome to Rockefeller Capital Management.

Your experience here will be uncommon. Your family will benefit for generations to come.

Uncommon Investment Opportunities

“Our history, investment expertise, and long-standing relationships enable us to source and evaluate investment opportunities for our clients.”
Harry Singh, Head of Strategy & Business Development
Rockefeller Digital Experience

The new state-of-the-Art online and mobile Client Portal makes it easier, more secure, and more efficient to view your account information and engage with your Rockefeller team.

Rockefeller Lifestyle Advisory

We are pleased to offer our clients and their families special access and privileges through a handful of thoughtfully vetted and selected partners – each preeminent providers in their respective fields – providing highly personalized support on how to simplify, navigate, and elevate modern life.

Private Aviation
A flight desk powered by Wheels Up, with a dedicated team for Rockefeller clients, to consult and advise based on the specific travel needs of your family and business.
Private Health Advisory
Concierge health support for you and your family, delivered to Rockefeller clients through PinnacleCare, the preeminent provider in the space. Designed to provide individuals and families with proactive health and wellness support, 24/7 travel & emergency contingency, and complete management of any health concern.
Personal Security

Professional security for Rockefeller clients, provided by Clark International. Includes executive protection, travel protection, and threat management services, as well as security training and public information analysis.

Philanthropic Advisory

Personalized philanthropic planning and management through Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), a nonprofit that partners with individuals, families, and institutions to help make philanthropy more thoughtful and effective.

Global Rescue

Global Rescue pioneered the concept of worldwide field rescue and has served more than 1 million members. Their team of military special operations veterans, paramedics, physicians, and nurses is available to assist members at a moment’s notice, 24/7. Global Rescue’s intelligence team keeps members apprised of important events and trends in 200+ nations and principalities.

Virtual Specialty Care

Summus, a virtual specialty care platform, leverages sophisticated technology to curate access to a network of leading doctors across 48 US hospitals for expert insights on specific health concerns. Rockefeller clients have access to a powerful specialist physician network and medical advisory team, available by phone or video within days and from anywhere in the world.

Elder Care

Homethrive is a unique benefit that can help with everything related to aging, elder care or special needs. With Homethrive, families get peace of mind and dedicated help at their fingertips.

Next Gen Advisory

Career and life coaching for emerging professionals, as well as health and wellness resources for young adults, delivered to Rockefeller clients through ProjectYou and PinnacleCare.

Art Advisory

A comprehensive, global services group for expert live and online auctions, art, jewelry, and other valuable collections through partnerships with The Fine Art Group and Christie’s.

We believe a legacy isn’t left, but lived.

We’re inspired that you’re here.