“We launched our strategic advisory business to support the needs of our clients and their families around capital changes, whether that meant raising capital or selling a business. But it quickly became clear that the level of expertise, attention, and access we can provide our clients is market-leading.”

R. Mitchell Theiss, President, Rockefeller Strategic Advisory

Rockefeller Capital Management provides strategic advice to ultra-high-net-worth families, family offices, individuals, and corporations. Families that own businesses, or are interested in purchasing a business, can come to Rockefeller Capital Management for thoughtful, tailored advice on whether to sell a business, sell a portion of a business, purchase a business, or grow an existing business.

Rockefeller Capital Management also works with corporations seeking customized, innovative solutions and independent advice on strategic transactions. Our focus is to deliver exceptional results for our clients through flawless execution and to help clients achieve their strategic goals.

Rockefeller Capital Management provides securities activities and services through Rockefeller Financial LLC, its registered broker-dealer, member FINRA, SIPC.

Differentiated, independent advice for entrepreneurs and business owners

Execution across private and public companies owned or operated by our clients

Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, capital raises

Real estate advisory

Sports franchise advisory



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Managing Director, Strategic Advisory


Managing Director, Strategic Advisory

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